How to Buy a Small Sex Doll Successfully After Sino-US Trade War Happened

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Trade frictions between the United States and China have escalated this year after U.S. President Donald Trump signed a series of unfair trade restrictions on China. On April 2nd a huge Sino-US trade war started. Because of the United States, China on this day formally made a rational response.

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Honestly, we don’t care who is the President of United Stated, but only pay close attention to our reasonable profit(of course including our customers), and try to do our best to ensure that goods are received normally.


Actually sex dolls are sent to customers by the most suitable shipping method  according to guest destination. There are two main ways. One is regular methods by express to your door directly, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT,EMS. The other one way is by Secure Special Line, your doll will be first transferred to our local warehouse, do customs clearance by our name, then sent to your address by UPS. Regular methods and Special Line are acceptable and safe enough, and people can receive their dolls discreetly and securely.


 As some countries are not so friendly to small doll, we choose a secure special line shipping way, the small doll will be sent securely and in secrecy.

Special Line is different from regular methods. If using it, we will use our own name to do customs clearance and pay the tax, it means that there has no any customs information about guest. And the total shipping time will be longer than usual, about 15-18 days, instead of one week by regular methods.  



If shipping your order by our "Secure Special Line",  your doll is sent by Flight-Delivery first, and the shipping time is about 15 - 18 days. You can track the package information online after it arrive and UPS pick up your package. Meanwhile, if you need other shipping way please contact me.



We will finish the customs clearance by our name and pay the tax, and your personal information will never be seen by Customs officer. (This is very important for most European buyers). 

If there is any clearance problem, our company will take all the responsibility and nothing to do with buyers.



The packaging is a neutral package, no print, only plain brown carton, there has not any product information about you or the goods on box, whatever it is shipped by DHL, FedEx or Special Line.


Kindly note that if using Special Line, the word "U.S. Special Line"(in Chinese) will replace "FedEx", and other words will be still the same. You can make a remark about the shipping method when you pay for the order.

Attached is a photos of packaging. As it shows, there has no any information about the goods, nobody know what is inside.

  Very thanks for being so understanding and patient since you made your order.


For European customers:

For protect European customers' privacy, we choose a "secure way" for shipping teen sex doll to them: "Secure Special Line":

Step 1:  After receipt of your payment, your order will shipped by airfreight directly to our warehouse in Hungary and we will use our own name to do custom clear and pay the tax ,that means you don’t need to face the customs and pay any tax cost.

Step 2: When your doll arrive at our warehouse, our QC will recheck the package make sure everything is OK, then we call UPS for shipping to destination, and you can track the package information online after UPS pick up your package. The total shipping time is around 10-15 workdays.

One more thing, when your doll arrive your country, UPS will call you before they shipping your "package"(nobody know what is inside) to your address, then you can talk with them for the suitable delivery time, so you don't need to worry about the delivery when you are on travel or not at home to sign for it when it come.


Suit for following Countries: 

UK, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, 

Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland.


For USA and Japan customer:

 At present no problem for shipping, any doll can be shipped to USA and Japan securely and in secretly. If there is no special requirement, we will arrange suitable shipping method.

However, ensure the sex dolls are received successfully, we strongly recommend that you choose the Secure Special line during Sino-US trade war.


For other place:

Such as Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, we also have other secure special line, also including custom clear and tax cost.

For the country beyond range listed above, please kindly inquiry our sales and confirm the shipping before placing order .

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If you need other shipping way please contact me.

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