Sex doll is good for preventing abuse of real children

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Sex doll is good for preventing abuse of real children

The child-sized sex doll that has been removed from many Chinese websites' listing. 


Disgusted by a child-sized sex doll for sale on a Chinese e-commerce site, a group of facebook activists have campaigned to have it withdrawn from sale.


There are already sold more than 50 of the sex dolls on Alibaba last year, which look like an Asian girl of about 5-9 years old, before international condemnation prompted the site’s operators to remove the listing. 


However, in fact the sex doll is harmless and may even prevent abuse of real children.


I got some weird opinions on this. Does a doll make a person want children, or do they want and then try a doll as a means to satisfy, since it, so they thought, would not be a crime. Now, I for one, do not like the government getting into my head and then creating thought crime laws. Why? Cause I hate governments, all of them. but if someone can be said to be “raping” or “molesting” a doll, we have gone from reality to imagination and thought crimes. In the end, the doll is just silicone, not a human being. It would be real easy to fall for this trap but I am not buying it.


What the government is really afraid of, and I am serious, is that these dolls might satisfy a fair portion of men, who then might leave kids alone. If this were the result, I would be delighted. I’d say, make them low priced and common so we can reduce children being preyed on. Government has always depended on vie to blackmail and enslave the population. If dolls significantly reduced that, the government would not be happy at all. I say reduce all potential blackmail situations, if possible. Almost all child porn is produced by government intelligence agencies and their associated networks. Yet they make laws against it so that they have blackmail ability. That they fear these dolls is quite evident that they believe these dolls will deprive them of substantial blackmail ability. I am all for reducing that. Legalize the dolls. they are just dolls, not people.


Listen, here is the other thing. In all our heads and in our dreams, we have many crazy impulses that are not our conscious choosing. And fantasies may rage and range from doing it with many different partners or places or ways and there is no end to fetishes, either. The human being is a fragile organism. How many have had outrageous fantasies and yet go to their graved never having done anything? I am sure it is many.


But governments, in their desire to create an excuse to to get a search warrant for our minds and ideas, will use dolls or anything else they have to, to make our minds and their thoughts illegal. I will be damned if I am going to play into their hands and come after my mind. I say if some fantasizes about girls, dogs, cats . . . I don’t care. I am not interested in their minds. I am interested in their actions.


Good sound law is firmly based on real actions and the real physical word, and not thoughts and intentions. If a real crime has been committed, then prosecute it. you can look at thoughts and intentions once a crime is committed. But here again, it gets slippery. In the USA, we have hate crimes. Under those, murder is not important. the reason for the murder is important, according to the law. But I say that is very wrong. It does not matter what the reason was, the murdered person is still dead. any reason is a wrong reason to kill. But Government makes it quite clear that anyone who murders for ideological reasons that violate government policies and ideologies will be severely and excessively punished. I disagree with this entirely. We miss the boat when we get into bad intentions, when the obvious bad intention that matters is that someone has been killed. That does not bother the government.


I have a general policy! I am against anything the government wants!


For the sex doll, I think it do good to us. It can meet many people Sexual needs, promote the harmonious relationship between husband and wife, reduce child sexual assault. By the way, we also sell many mini sex dolls on our website. question, free to contact us via email [email protected]

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